Monday, October 18, 2010

AMF 2010:Krista Nielson

Next up for Art Meets Fashion wrap up is Krista Nielson, Resort line. If you aren't familiar with different types of lines, Resort usually consist of swim suits and lounge wear. Think rich people vacation wear. Overall I liked what she presented. Her swimming suits were creative but not too over the top. Its the type of swimming suit you wear to stand out in a good way.

She really isn't that blurry in real life.

AMF 2010:Mckell Maddox

Oct 16th Art Meets Fashion @ the Salt Lake Art Center. The second designer of the evening was Mckell Maddox from Project Runway fame. To me her line stood out as creative but wearable which equals sellable. Call me crazy but I like when designer keeps the buyer in mind. Alot of these pieces would look good on many body types. Also the line is cohesive with a followable color and pattern story. The line follow suite with the current trends, especially the use of sheers and mixed patterns.

AMF 2010:Rachel Domingo

Oct 16th Art Meets Fashion @ the Salt Lake Art Center. The first designer of the evening was Rachel Domingo. Photos aren't awesome but I think they definitely improve as the shows go on. Picture above is one of the models preforming on her electric violin before the runway presentation.